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Farmhouse holidays pise tuscany
Farmhouse holidays pise tuscany

WINERY "La Tanna"
vino rosso di toscana

WINE SHOP. Opposite the farm guesthouse there is a wine shop where you can taste and if you want also buy the products of the farm, mainly oil and wine.

WINERY. For about thirty years the vinification of the red grapes has taken place in glass coated cement vats where the wine rests until after the Spring, and is then put in barrels of French oak, where the wine matures for about 12- 18 months, according to our tradition. The vinification of the white grapes takes place in steel vats in controlled fermentation at a temperature of about 17°, this allows us to maintain unaltered in the wine those perfumes, aromas and tastes which make it pleasant to the palate and to the nose.

Farmhouse holidays pise Farmhouse holidays pise Farmhouse holidays pise

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