Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Tuscan hills

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Tuscan hills
extra virgin olive oilOn the gentle hills near Livorno, a few kilometres from the sea, we produce in our facility the extra virgin Tuscan olive oil.
When the olives are ripe they are harvested manually from the tree and then laid on sheets to wait for pressing. The pressing takes place within a few days of the harvest, this is so that the organoleptic qualities remain unaltered, the perfume and intensity of aroma is preserved and last but not least that it has a low acidity. The pressing takes place through a mechanical process, washing, maceration with stone wheels, spinning and separation. The knowing composition of our Cultivar, oil mill in particular and then Moraiolo, Leccino and Maurino gives us an oil with a colour like straw with greenish glints, with intense perfumes of greenery and green fruit, in the mouth it is sapid with an aftertaste with grassy notes.


Farmhouse holidays pise tuscanyFarmhouse holidays pise tuscany

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